What are the standard banner sizes for both website and mobile?

What are the standard banner sizes for both website and mobile? If you want to market your website Banners are another part of helping people get to know our website better. Website banners come in a variety of sizes. And the placement on the website is different. This article explains the meaning, importance, and popular sizes of banners for everyone to know and apply them to your work for sure.

What is Banner?

A website banner is an image placed on a website. They are located beside, above, below, or between the main body of the page. This can be both web-based promotional content that can be clicked to another page. Or it could be a promotional announcement (for example, to promote a product or request a campaign), or it could be a banner ad of another website to buy ads.

What are the benefits of banners?

Banners will increase awareness and awareness of your product’s image. This is an important part of online marketing that many people pay attention to. Therefore, it can stimulate the sales of all products.

What should a good banner be?

Providing effective banners To work well, it must be the right size for the page. And most importantly, the picture must be clear, details and the message must be pleasing. See and know what our products or brands are.

What size should a good banner be?

Banner sizes can be used for both computer and mobile screens, width, length and height will vary depending on the screen shown. including the themes used to create the website So please check if your active theme supports banners or not. If supported, how big is it to be good? Don’t have to wonder anymore We’ve compiled a list of the various banner sizes that we’ve come up with.

The banner standards for websites are as follows:

And what size shows the best results?

According to a survey by the famous online marketing website Match2One. The top 4 best display banner sizes were found:

1. 300×250 Medium Rectangle 40%

This 300×250 banner is the best performing banner. and is the most commonly used With the uniqueness of the size that can place a variety of content and when placed on the right side of the screen The size of the banner will be locked. As a result, the banner will immediately stand out.

2. 728×90 Leaderboard 25%

This banner will be displayed at the top of the web. and sometimes it may be positioned at the bottom of the page. But the best position is at the top. This banner will help catch the reader’s eye. The position may be chosen to be placed in the center, on the left, or on the right.

3. 320×50 Mobile Leaderboard 12%

This banner is very popular on mobile. which we often find in web browsers and in various application pages. small It does not take up the text space on the web page. Make users feel uninterrupted or obscured by the content. This makes banners of this size popular. Best displayed on mobile devices.

4. 160×600 Wide Skyscraper 12%

Banners of this size are sometimes referred to as “Standing Banners”, which are often found on the general web or news web. The highlight of this banner size lies in the width that allows the content to be placed in this banner comfortably. It doesn’t look too crowded, making it possible to design in a variety of ways.

More than 89% of impression value All advertising across the Google Display Network, or GDN, worldwide is based on all four of these banner sizes. To find out more, check out Match2One.

What are the standard banner sizes for both website and mobile? 

In addition to the size on the website It’s also mobile-sized. The best display size is 320×50.

The most commonly used size is 300×250, as banners of this size take up 40% of the total advertising space worldwide. And it’s a size that can be used on both mobile and website.


  • Website banners that are effective and cover 89% of our global ad space include: Banners in sizes 300×250, 320×50, 728×90 and 160×600.
  • The most effective mobile banner section is 320×50.

The size of the banner is known. Hope this article is more or less helpful. And hopefully it will be a guide to creating beautiful banners. If you have any suggestions, comments, suggestions, you can email them to discuss.