How to write articles for SEO on Google?
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How to write a good article? If no one reads the article But if we write articles according to SEO criteria, it may help your website get on the first page of Google and get more people to visit your website.

Today I’m going to tell you some tips on how to write articles or content for SEO. The method is not difficult as follows.

1. Every article must have keywords.

If you want people to visit your website Keywords are words that help you find your website, so a good article must include keywords in the title, body, ALT text, and also in the URL. For example, keywords: SEO.

2. The keywords must not be too many.

In order for your website to get SEO Keywords should not be too many, should be only 1-2 words per paragraph or use words that are close to the keywords and not too many. Google’s AI will see it as spam.

3. Each paragraph should have 100-120 words.

For the author of the article recommends that Each paragraph should be around 100-120 words because too much will make your article boring. Will you finish reading it? We should make good articles. useful for readers.

4. A good article must have at least 350-500 words.

A good article must consist of 300-500 words. It is considered a quality article. And if you ask if it’s longer than 5,000 words or more, you can answer, but have you read all of them? Who has read all of them?

But this information is not in vain. Research is available. Details can be found at this reference link (see

5. Articles must be written by yourself, not like anyone else.

You will need to write articles in your own words. If you plagiarize others, Google’s AI isn’t stupid. Knowing that your article is copied elsewhere, rather than addicted to SEO, will turn out to be a bad article.

6. Use subheadings.

There must be a title or title for each section. You can use titles or lists. Some of your topics may include keywords included.

7. Contains links to related websites.

The presence of links to other websites; Related to our articles are reliable. only not enough There should be links to other pages. On our website as well because Google’s AI will be able to collect information within the website, resulting in SEO ranking on the first page as well.

8. Insert text sequence, list, bold, italic into text.

To help make our articles easier to read. It should include text order, list, bold, italic. Think about it if you read an article with the same font size. Write in a row, it will invite you not to read and get bored first.

9. There should be a media type video link. audio file link

Your articles will be easier to read. If there are video or media files to help the visually impaired or those who have difficulty reading Get knowledge from articles we have written as well.

10. Try to update the website often.

Frequent website updates will help Google get new information on our website frequently, as Google loves websites that keep their articles updated.

11. Share article link on social media.

Sharing links on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will help more people reach our articles, resulting in SEO ranking first. of search results

12. Always check the article. and analyze the results of the articles

Reviewing and analyzing our articles will help us optimize our writing results. In order to write well-written, well-written, and SEO-rated, you may want to use an analytics aid like Google Analytics.


You may find it difficult If you can use them all But if you can do it, your SEO will improve. Sticking to SEO may help get more traffic to your website.