How do we rank on Google?


How do we rank on Google? It’s currently just a beautiful website. The web is not fast enough Website ranking also plays an important role. The higher the top of the first page, the better. Because that means that our website will have more opportunities to pass through the eyes of the audience. More clicks which make our business. And our sales are improving as well.

Before learning how to rank better in your search Let’s check our rankings first.

The method of checking is not difficult. There are many methods. There are many websites for you to check. But we will introduce the 2 easiest methods.

1. Check-in in Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

2. Check through Google Search Console

1. Check-in in Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Incognito mode is anonymous browsing by name. When we open the Chrome browser in incognito mode and type the URL or website name. The browser does not store web history. This includes website data, cookies, or information filled in forms via web pages. Each browser has different access procedures.

1. Open tap Chrome.

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+N at the same time or click the three dots in the left corner to select Incognito mode.

incognito mode

3. Chrome will pop up a black window as shown in the image.

incognito mode

4. Enter the search term or keyword you want to check rank.

incognito mode

We can observe that the results will differ from the order of the results through different normal modes.

Why are the results different?

Because in normal mode The browser remembers various web settings. that we like to come often Web browsers will remember that we like to visit that site. when searching The ratings shown above are better than they actually are. But this incognito mode search The ratings shown are the closest to the truth. because in this mode Browsing and download history are not stored. It does not contain caches and cookies and does not collect any information or actions on the website.

2. Check through Google Search Console

The Google Search Console service is a free service provided by Google where we can monitor and view your website’s ranking on search pages. It also shows keyword rankings. The words people search for and come to our site. Including tools that help our website to rank on the search page as well.

To use Google Search Console, you must connect our website to Google Search Console before you can use it.

Now that we’ve added our website, let’s take a look at what Google Search Console tells us.

Google Search Console

From the picture above, let’s look at each part one by one. which if we want to see how much our web rank And how many total clicks? can be seen at performance This tells us how many clicks on our website. How many impressions were delivered? Average CTR (percentage of impressions that resulted in a click. The higher this value, the better) and what is the average ranking for our site?

average rank

Average position is the average position of your site in search results. which uses the highest rank of the website when it appears in search results.

We can also choose when to check.


Scroll down. This section describes the keyword or search term and its position in your website’s search results.

page Rank

The values ​​obtained from this Google Search Console are the most accurate. Anyway, try it out. As a guideline to develop the web to rank on the search page more.