Finding Great Keywords for SEO.

Finding Great Keywords for SEO. What are keywords? So how can it help in SEO? Today we are going to talk about this. This is the basics for beginners in SEO, here’s what to know.

What are keywords?

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Keywords are words that are used to search the Search Engine, for example, when you want to know something. You just take the keywords related to the subject search and type on Google. Google will show the results we want to know.

  • The word that we type in this search box is Keyword sure enough!!

How do keywords help SEO?

If you choose good keywords It will result in more people searching for our website. This will affect SEO, which will also increase our website’s ranking in search results.

How do I find keywords? How do you do it?

1. Think about keywords

It’s simple. What is your product or service? Keyword is that word. For example you sell t-shirts your Keyword could be Fashion t-shirts or men’s t-shirts, etc. In this section, you may come up with 5-10 words that are most relevant to your product or service.

2. Use Google search suggestions

After thinking about searching Google Seach suggestions for the next word to get more related terms. For example, search Google for “t-shirt” and you’ll find the following words:


Or use Google-related search. When you type a search term and scroll down to the top of the search results, Google will display relevant search results.


Then you jot down those search terms on a piece of paper. Maybe give us the title of the article or SEO title, etc.

Keyword: t-shirt
Keywords found: fashion t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, beautiful t-shirts, screen-printed t-shirts, solid-colored t-shirts, etc.
When these words are put together, they get the following titles:

  • “Fashion V-neck t-shirts for beautiful people, simple tones that are hot right now.”

If we choose keywords that many people use to search. It may help more people discover our website. and may help us sell more products or services. (This one is very good) But besides the Keyword, the article must be really useful and informative. They may also add user reviews to drive traffic in other ways.